Our company was found in 2013 with Capital of 700,000 USD and focused on utilizing Its Marketing experts to asset many Local business partners identifying, importing,maketing meaningful products that address unmet Patients Health needs.

Through our past years of experience , and market trust which consider to be the core of our business. we’ve built valuable relationships with local and Global business partners, local key opinion leaders, and continuing to expand our business and aquire our own product portfolio through having agreement with trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers from all around the globe which has led us to become both trusted and professional in the eyes of our business partners and loyal customers.

We are extremely knowledgeable of marketing large products portfolio that covers a wide range of Therapeutic Areas which part of our unwavering commitment to improve patients' lives.

We aim at becoming an international firm within a local traditional context Through applying the international standards in quality, marketing ethics, pharmacovigilance and customer support .